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Ad Campaign Management


First Page Ads, Inc. specializes in providing Online Marketing Management for your advertising campaigns designed for search engines such as Google.  We handle all aspects of the advertising campaign at a flat monthly rate, guaranteeing you no surprises, and no additional or "hidden fees".  You set your budget and we take care of the rest.

First Page Ads, Inc. ensures that the advertisement appearing in the search results page is totally relevant to your website/landing page.  This is of the utmost importance because the higher the relevancy, the more targeted the visitor/prospect will be that is clicking back to your website. This equals a better return on investment for your advertising dollars that First Page Ads is managing on your behalf.

In maintaining the highest possible relevancy between all facets of the campaign, (keywords, meta-tags, site content) we may require additional keyword terms be added to the meta-tags of the website to improve performance and reduce your costs.  Furthermore, there may be times when we might strongly recommend the addition or modification of keywords on your web page in order to improve the performance of your ad.  These word “tweaks” play an important role in improving the “organic” rating your site can achieve within the search engines.

Additionally, in conducting our regular reviews of your website ad performance, we will from time to time, create and rotate different versions of your website advertisement to see which versions perform best.  We recommend you install Google’s free analytics software if you wish to have a deeper understanding of your site’s dynamics. 

One of the biggest differences between First Page Ads, Inc. and our competitors is that we will teach you how to maintain your search engine visibility to ensure long-term results.  We pride ourselves as being "value-added" service providers, helping to not only enhance your business but also turning your website from an expense into a profit centre!