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Welcome to First Page Ads, Inc.


First Page Ads, Inc.understands today's complex market place and the needs of companies and individuals to navigate through this new technical world.  That's why we've branched out into three important niche areas.

Professional, easy to use websites are very important to business owners.  Because our template-based websites are owner friendly websites, you can quickly make changes, add pages, pictures, coupons and more, all without the need for special software or the knowledge of html programming.    

Let us manage your adword campaigns for you.  You set your budget and we'll create your ad copy, manage your placements and provide you with daily progress reports.  You'll always know how your site is doing and have your time freed up for your other business functions. 

Specializing in helping seniors with this "newfangled contraption" everybody uses today, First Page Ads, Inc. understands how perplexing it is to learn something new.  We have the patients of Jobe, and recognize the learning curves needed to not just understand this new language, but how to make sense of it in everyday applications.

With over twenty years of experience, the principals of First Page Ads, Inc. have the skills and abilities to deliver precisely what you need at affordable rates, delivered in a professional and timely manner. 

Our corporate philosophy is to always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

First Page Ads, Inc.