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Are you new to using computers?  How about the internet?  Do you only know one way of doing something and it doesn't always work?  Do you wonder what all those geeky words and terms mean?  When people talk about computer "stuff" does it sound like a foreign language to you?

We know how you feel.  Whether you're 8 or 80 and need help understanding how to use your computer, or don't know what those confusing words really mean, we can help you.

Here at FPA, we've helped many people to understand, use and enjoy their computers.  They're not scary monsters and they're a lot harder to break than you realize.  Using your computer shouldn't stress you and with a little practice you'll be amazed at how simple it really is! 

Let us take you
from this...
                ... to this!        

All of our training is done first-hand.  We come and see you.  We assess what you already know and custom develop a program that's just right for you.  For example, lets say you like to use your computer to send emails and surf, maybe play a few games every once in a while, but don't know how to send pictures, or don't know how to save them, or create folders, or how to search your own computer for files you knew you saved, but don't know where they are .... Relax, we'll show you.  And more importantly, teach you by using simple terminology and explaining to you what things are. 

Here's a few examples of terms that many aren't familiar with:

  • Cursor (no, not someone that swears a lot) - It's that vertical line thing that moves all over the place when you move the mouse.
  • Mouse (no fur or teeth) - the little mouse-shaped gizmo used for moving the pointer/cursor around the screen.
  • RAM (no, not an angry male sheep) - It's the amount of information that the computer can remember before it is saved to the hard drive.
  • Hard Drive (no, not a drive in a car with bad suspension) - Think of it like a video or audio cassette - you record your information onto it, and can retrieve and play that information back when you want.  It is the media onto which your information is stored.  Like a video/audio cassette, eventually it can wear out.

 Our personal training programs are offered throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Call us today at 416 265-3393 to schedule your training!